Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ratchet Spotted, Videos and More

In this post I'll be reviewing some of the Transformers 4 related news that has happened in the past week. First off, the DOTM version of Ratchet's vehicle mode has been spotted in Michigan. What's interesting is that it's really dirty, so I doubt it's for any type of car show. Could it be there for Transformers 4 filming? Also below you can see some more videos and photos from filming in Michigan. In one of the videos you will see what looks to be one of the spaceships from DOTM. Also the Cadillac and Buick have been spotted again. No word on if they will be background props or Transformers. Finally, the role of Victoria Summer is being said to be kept under wraps, which leads some to believe her character might be crucial to the plot.
UPDATE: Videos have been removed by the uploader.

Images by Brian K. and the_rodimus


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  2. I would be friggin' ecstatic if Ratchet was in T4. Not going to get too excited yet though as this isn't really proof of much yet. Plus we didn't see him on location at all during filming.

  3. please answer: about Dino and the rest of the Wreckers there are any news?

    1. Nothing on Dino. Leadfoot was spotted once with Bumblebee.

  4. All I want is Hound, Kup, Cliff Jumper, Sun Streaker, Ultra Magnus, Springer, OP, and Bee

    That is all


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